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Z7 Enzyme Cleanser

$19.00 (as of 08/29/2017, 11:22 AM)

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Z7 eliminates inanimate slime, inanimate slimy conditions, plant waste, organic waste, odors and mineral build from hydroponic roots, piping, sprayers, tubes and tanks while the plants are growing. Z7 will reduce many hours of cleansing between harvests and in most cases eliminate taking the hydro system apart. This will reduce down time and help minimize the replacement of tubes, pipes and sprayers. The hydroponic system must be kept free of inanimate slimy conditions otherwise it will not be able to obtain the highest degree of genetic growth possible from the plants. Z7 helps to stabilize the pH swings of plant nutrient caused by the interaction between plant nutrients, plant waste, bacterial waste, soluble/insoluble minerals and problematic chemical additives added to local water supplies by government agencies. Hobby and Pro growers alike will experience consistent harvests when the pH of their hydroponic nutrient has been stabilized. Z7 is compatible with any hydroponic plant food (organic or chemical) or Mycorrhizae supplement. Z7 is compatible with vinyl, plastic, glass, rubber, PVC, ABS and their glues. Z7 will make teas stronger and increase bacteria counts ten fold. Also, you should see a higher EC/PPM of the tea as the enzymes and increased bacteria CFU’s release the minerals from their carbon/cellulose bonds. Once part of the tea, Z7 will remove the dreaded bio-film from the roots, thus increasing osmosis, mineral transport and hydrogen ion release.